Monday, November 1


I got the raddest timetable to end the sem. We are given our own free time to work alone and I'm coping real well. Hope shits will stick this way till February. I'm just spending most of my time with friends, it helps alot, the cruel jokes, the laughter, the awkward moments, it just balls up to something really nice.

Tuesday, October 19


Too much Katy Perry. Haha.

Tuesday, October 5


I got two weeks of holidays left. I just realised I've been working for 5 months straight? Money was good, but jose, it was tiring. Imma hang loose, socialise(lol), organize my flickr which I've been dreading for months and prepare mentally for school. Oh yeah it's gonna be a tough one. Whoop Whoop.

Friday, September 24


Just hangloose and keep hating. Haha. *Shaka sign*

Wednesday, September 22


September was really lengthy. I haven't had any break since April and I really miss school. I'm pretty stoked for October. Lame but I'm really excited for school although I haven't prepare anything(mentally) at all. I'm gonna support consumerism and work like dog till I die. Cheers to the douchebags. lol.

Saturday, September 11

David Guetta feat Kid Cudi - Memories (Official videoclip)

Shits aside, there are somethings i want to remember. Like 20 years later, talking about it, will be so fucking radical.

Saturday, August 21


Year 3, semester 1 ended yesterday for me. I felt really good. No more major grinding by old aunties in crowded bus, no more Koi which is like a street away and no more Windows system. Somehow, I am gonna miss Chinatown.